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kregen in de onderwerpen waarover twitteraars vaak sarcastische uitspraken doen (schoolgerelateerde onderwerpen, het weer, het openbaar vervoer en televisieprogrammas bleek nu uit onze inhoudsanalyse dat bijwoorden (super positieve. By analysing documents and expert interviews in several countries, this paper identifies three competing narratives: innovation, community and nature/life. Geïnspireerd door deze eerdere studies toetsen we de theorie in deze bijdrage op een nieuw terrein (nieuws over bedrijven) en toetsen we haar capaciteit om niet de selectie van gebeurtenissen, maar die van persberichten, verzonden door bedrijven, door journalisten te voorspellen. Participants (N 292) were randomly assigned to read a passage from Harry Potter (Rowling, 1997 Twilight (Meyer, 2005) or Total Football (Gibbons, 2004). We vonden geen effect van afbeeldingen op abstractiescore, maar wel als verwacht een toename in aantal woorden (t(398) -4.734,.001) en voornaamwoorden (t(398) -6.627,.001). Room C Rebecca. At the premeasure, participants familiar with the target brands Facebook page were assigned to the Current-follower group (n72).

We verwachten daarom dat mensen met een sterke milieuvriendelijke identiteit het zeer groen geadverteerde product zullen prefereren boven het niet groen geadverteerde product. Understanding and Reducing Stereotype Threat in Breast Cancer Patients: The Role of Stigma Consciousness Abstract: Purpose. Compared to those in GCR, individuals in LDR are more likely to experience jealousy and suspicion of infidelity by forming inferences based on partners SNS activities. A total of 264 university students participated in an experiment in which 25 male-male dyads, 26 femalefemale dyads and 81 cross-sex dyads engaged in a get-acquainted task. Room C Josette Jacobs. The role of argument quality in advertising warning effects Abstract: We are persistently confronted with messages trying to influence our behavior. Registration open lunch Plenary session: opening; keynotes Marcel Dicke Valerie Frissen Parallel session 1 Break Parallel session 2 Parallel session 3 Drinks Postersessions Dinner awards ceremony Party.

This is in line with qualitative findings by Kozinets and colleagues (2010 who suggested that consumers evaluate word-of-mouth marketing via blogs more favorable when bloggers who have a strong social relationship with their readers are open about this form of advertising. Anniek Boeijinga, Hans Hoeken and José Sanders. Het externe kan worden geobserveerd (positivisme) en gemeten (kwantitatief het interne moet worden geïnterpreteerd (interpretatief) en begrepen (kwalitatief). The hyperpersonal model predicts that online self-presentation offers more opportunity for idealized selfpresentation relative to face-to-face communication (Walther, 2007). Second, because they tend to magnify the economic climate.

The doctor and scientific and informative websites received the highest ranking in terms of trust for cancer information. The case is further interesting as it consists of a comparison of (the approval of) mergers in very similar circumstances. Click here to go back to Programme Overview Parallel session 3, Monday February 3,.30-17.30 Persuasive Communication #3 - Chair: Esther Rozendaal. In this paper we will detangle part of the relationship between politicians and journalists by focusing on patterns of responsibility attribution through a framing-analysis of oral parliamentary questions and press coverage in four West European countries. Click here to go back to Programme Overview Jasper de Vries. The participants rated the profiles on physical attraction, perceived similarity, romantic attraction and social attraction. Naoroji was elected to parliament in 1892, becoming the first Member of Parliament (MP) of Indian descent.

Black and British: A Forgotten History. Our study also explores the racial difference in prospective mothers communication with healthcare providers. In particular, it has been suggested that media representations that are embedded in a cosmopolitan discourse can encourage an increasingly global moral horizon in audiences (Chouliaraki, 2006; Linklater, 2007; Beck and Cronin, 2006). Note again that researchers often apply these strategies unknowingly. De abstractie van reviews is relevant omdat abstracte reviews een grotere invloed hebben op attitrudes dan concrete reviews (Schellekens, Verlegh en Smidts, 2010, 2012). A mediation analyses will be used to specify the added value of emotions on the relation between polls and vote intentions. How implicit negative affect mediates the effect of threat framing on individual risk perceptions and behavioral intentions.

Parallel session 2, Monday February 3,.25-16.25 Political Communication #3 Chair: Sanne Kruikemeijer. Een frame wordt gedefinieerd als een mogelijk denkkader om een issue te problematiseren. Online peer feedback differs from face-toface feedback in at least two ways. In contrast to institutionalist approaches, however, narrative policy analysis links social structure to everyday practices of meaning-making. The research provides empirical data on communicative dynamics of innovation. The existing research therefore neglects the perspective that communication and media use can be viewed as part of a national culture (Craig Douglas, 2006) and can therefore differ across countries. Religieuze denominatie blijkt bovendien niet significant samen te hangen met reclamevermijding. As such, media scholars are increasingly facing what is referred to as the cross-media challenge in audience research (Schrøder, 2011). Retrieved b Cloake,. We have to figure out whether politicians are used by the media as a source to fit their format, as suggested by mediatization (Stromback 2008 or whether politicians use the media to further their own agenda.


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The discussion focuses on the use of social networking sites in media effects on adolescents objectified selfconcept. This paper describes an experimental study with a 3 x 2 design, comparing the effects of apology combined with self-deprecating humor to two control conditions: only apology, and no apology. Constructing a collective identity is an important strategy for parties, such as citizens groups, to position themselves within a pool of other, often very powerful (established) organizations. Also, connected multimedia devices provide access to media content everywhere, anytime. In deze paper presenteren we de resultaten van een verkennend onderzoek dat wilde nagaan waarom adolescenten bepaalde negatieve of positieve emoties al dan niet uiten via SNS. A second group of participants was only exposed to one news frame at the beginning of the experiment, and their framing effect was equally traced over time.

Conclusions and implications: The current findings highlight the importance of parents establishing rules, concerning, for instance, the amount of time their children spent on social network sites, to help adolescents use social network sites wisely. Intervention duration, study quality and dropout moderated the intervention effect, such that longer interventions, better studies and studies with less dropout found larger effects. In doing so, we focused on adolescents and specifically on antisocial and risk behavior content as portrayed in the media. A univariate anova showed a main effect of degree of logo change on brand recognition: F (2,116).57,.012, and a Bonferroni post-hoc test revealed that the original brand logos were recognized faster (M 710.55, SD 162.54) than the considerably. Further insight into the role of the source is needed. Kernwoorden zijn: daadkrachtig, integer, authentiek en herkenbaar.

Twee deelvragen daarbij: Is er een verschil in het effect van de aanwezigheid van nieuwsfactoren in de persberichten tussen online en offline nieuwsmedia? Hierna kregen ze willekeurig een van de drie advertenties voor Nike sneakers te zien. In LDR, distance hinders daily physical togetherness, which may undermine relationship maintenance. The double source effect: How sharer and source combine to increase online advertising effectiveness Abstract: Although social media offer many highly effective ways for companies to engage people with their brands (Manchanda, Packard, Pattabhiramaiah, 2013 traditional advertising predominates their online branding efforts (Owyang, 2012). Furthermore, perceived humor has a positive effect on perception of human quality, which in turn has a positive effect on organizational reputation. The current study aimed to experimentally test both answer categories (dichotomous and quantifiers) in order to determine the aptness of both methods. Panel #2 Monday.25-16.25 Plenary room We need to talk." A discussion for the new generation of communication scholars about current issues and future prospects in academia. Winter is coming proclaims the motto of the House Stark in this hit series, meaning that one should be constantly vigilant.

It thus appears that ANP generates more unique content than rival Novum. The findings from this study add to the line of research concerning construal-level framing in persuasive communication, indicating that temporal focus-based communication does not have the same effect as temporal construal in persuasive messages. We further develop our knowledge on the subject in two ways. In medical ethics, autonomy is the most important moral principle. Can we find the foundations of a legitimizing ideology for television art in the online discussions of strongly invested audiences? Answers were analyzed through a qualitative content analysis. Results show that even in an experimental setting it appeared difficult for journalists to change routines in their daily practice. Retrieved "Exhibitions Learning online Black presence Early times". Brand Logo Redesigns: When Higher Degrees of Brand Logo Change Negatively Affects Brand Recognition for High Brand Conscious Consumers. In an experimental setting, both groups determine the reliability of various data sets.

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Sommige consumenten zijn zo loyaal aan een merk dat ze dat merk niet alleen kopen, maar er ook spontaan reclame voor maken bij anderen (Batra, Ahuvia, Bagozzi, 2012). Deze argumenten werden aan veertig proefpersonen voorgelegd. Adolescents are most heavy media consumers of both traditional media such as television and modern media like digital games, social media, and YouTube, spending more time consuming media than attending schooljust under 11 hours a day (Rideout, Foehr, Roberts, 2010). Onderzoek naar personalisering is vaak gebaseerd op inhoudsanalyses naar de vraag hoe en in welke mate personalisering voorkomt en in hoeverre dit verschijnsel aan importantie toeneemt. With the current emphasis, in health communication research, on viewing the public as active health consumers and the enormous amount of available cancer information (Viswanath, 2005 a growing body of research is investigating cancer information acquisition styles (e.g. Waarbij we in navolging van enkele andere studies (Schwarz, 2006; Maier Ruhrmann, asian dating com free sierre 2008) veronderstellen dat de aanwezigheid en intensiteit van in de literatuur onderscheiden nieuwsfactoren de kans vergroten dat het betreffende persbericht opgevolgd wordt met mediaberichtgeving. Future research might further investigate these seemingly contradictory results.

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Loyale consumenten waren vooral geneigd om offline over het merk te gaan praten; het verband tussen loyaliteit en online engagement was minder groot. In order to maintain these expectancies, violations (incompetent in-group/competent out-group behavior) are linguistically framed as one-time events. Construal level theory proposes that truth judgments should be higher when construal level and psychological distance match (low construal level/close psychological distance or high construal level/far psychological distance). Low; within subjects) mixed experimental design. We do this by contrasting communication and organizational approaches used to explain these effects. The results also show that the group of problematic gamers experienced higher psychosocial well-being online than offline. Antiquity, 2010, 84, 131135. 205 Notable black Britons edit Pre-20th century edit Crimean War nurse, Mary Seacole has been dubbed the "Greatest Black Briton." Olaudah Equiano, a significant figure involved with the abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade. Setting and participants: In total, 18 home-based palliative patients requiring terminal care were purposefully sampled (16 advanced cancer patients, 2 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; 10 males, 8 females; age range of 24-85 years). Asian Dating Com Free Sierre

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In other words, our data do not support the notion of a negativity bias in eWOM on political websites, but rather suggest a positivity bias. Which type of MP relies on the mass media as a principal source of inspiration for his/her parliamentary work? Uit de resultaten bleek dat vooral een hogere subjectieve norm samenhangt met een negatieve work-life balance, meer overload en minder coping. Uit de resultaten blijkt dat gezondheidsnieuws in de populaire magazinepers focust op een specifiek aantal themas, maar dat soft news over een gezonde levensstijl nog steeds primeert boven wetenschappelijk onderzoek. Given the central role media has in the lives of adolescents, it is somewhat paradoxical that there is no standardized measure for assessing the content of media consumed. Her sarcophagus was made of stone and also contained a jet bracelet and an ivory bangle, indicating great wealth for the time. In Peach, asian dating com free sierre Ceri (ed.). In line with the sexual-uncertainty hypothesis, our study is the first to show that the relation between the use of sexual media content and sexual uncertainty depends on both between- and within-gender differences in the level of congruency between the content and adolescents sexual dispositions.